In today’s fast paced world, environmental protection and the understanding of where products are produced has never been more important.

At Leading Software, our Sequoia division drive to ensure this is delivered. No matter the size of company, Sequoia will ensure the supply chain is easily monitored and products are ethically sourced.

Leading Software are a world leader in developing software platforms in the food supply chain industry.

In the Corporate and Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection Market the company owns several software platforms:

  • Food Supply Chain Management
  • Internet of Things and Asset Tracking
  • Non-Food Supply Chain Management
  • Fisheries Supply Chain Management

Blockchain will also apply to this market as “Secure Contracts”.

Despite uncertainties regarding Ethical and Quality Standards with Brexit looming, At Leading Software, we strive to ensure that our customers can seamlessly transact with businesses across the globe, conforming to whichever standards are being used on a global scale. Our existing customers include: