With Social Media Platforms being a staple of modern day to day life, Leading Software’s Intrallect division has identified a need for people to store their own data in a personal or business environment. Whether this is a student wishing to retain their achievements or someone who wishes to pass on their information to family members.

Further to this, Intrallect are aware of the massive importance security holds in the internet age and have developed a Voice Biometrics identity verification system and will work with Blockchain technology for secure contracts and information security.

Within the Education Technology Market, Intrallect have developed a number of solutions based on our world class digital library solution, intraLibrary. These products include:

  • Wonderlic – Assessment Development for “Soft Skills”
  • The Judicial Institute for Scotland  – Learning and Education for Scotland’s Judges
  • Birmingham City University – Learning Management Solution
  • Norton Norris – USA Student Recruitment Platform
  • University of Indiana – Personal Library and Capstone Solution
  • Keele University – Digital Repository Solution

Intrallect also function within the Identity Protection and Information Security Market and own a number of software platforms, these include:

  • Voice biometrics and identity management for password resetting
  • Secure systems for financial services

Our voice biometrics product has been up and running for five years and is now beginning to achieve record numbers in the use of password resetting, with no sign of stopping!

Our customers within this market include:

  • Atos
  • Getronics
  • Scottish Building Society